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Foreclosure Attorneys Provide Alternatives To Foreclosure

Many people find themselves in the situation where they are having difficulty making their monthly payments but, they don’t want to lose or surrender their home to the bank. The word foreclosure conjures up the idea of being evicted and credit problems beyond repair. That’s probably why many people hesitate in making an appointment with a foreclosure defense attorney. Automatically, it is believed that the foreclosure attorney will only assist in disposing of the property.

However, this philosophy is false and very dangerous. An experienced foreclosure defense lawyer will provide different options to correct the situation, many of which will allow the homeowner to keep his or her home. In the best circumstances, a homeowner will actually confer with a foreclosure attorney as soon as they consider defaulting on their mortgage in order to avoid or be prepared for any legal action that may come from not making the mortgage payments.

In a free consultation with an attorney, they will provide options for your situation and offer advice on which steps need to be taken to achieve the desired goal. At Graham Legal, we have seen many people come in expecting to go into foreclosure and needing a lawyer. In numerous occasions we offered these homeowners direction and they were able to avoid foreclosure entirely.

For the homeowners who weren’t able to avoid foreclosure, we were already one step ahead of the game. By expecting the foreclosure and having someone to watch over the status of their case, we gave them the time they needed to execute their desired result, such as a loan modification or other agreement with the mortgage lender. With an attorney on the side of the homeowner the likelihood of the homeowner prevailing is much higher. Contact Graham Legal, P.A., by calling 305-985-6555 or send an email for help today.