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Protect Your Rights In Foreclosure

If you get behind on your mortgage payments, your lender may respond by trying to take the property back with foreclosure. The loan servicer has a specific process that they need to follow in a foreclosure process in order to allow you to prevent foreclosure. You also have your own right to defend yourself, and an experienced attorney can help.

At Graham Legal, P.A., we know your foreclosure rights, and we know how to protect them. We established our practice by defending clients from foreclosure during the Great Recession, and our work continues today. Our experienced attorneys are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for your situation.

What Are Your Rights?

When it comes to your foreclosure, you may be surprised to learn just how many rights you have to defend yourself. Your rights include:

  • Challenging foreclosure
  • Gaining the surplus from the sale of the home
  • Paying off the debt before a foreclosure sale
  • Reinstating regular payments through a lump sum payment
  • Receiving notification of foreclosure
  • Discussing how to avoid foreclosure with your lender
  • Receiving a “breach letter,” which details the foreclosure and how to stop it

It is unlikely that every homeowner knows about these rights, which is why you should be sure to work with an attorney to ensure that your lender is not infringing on any of your rights.

Foreclosure is a significant challenge, and the last thing you need is someone working against you by failing to follow proper procedure in the foreclosure process. Make sure that you have a lawyer you can trust to protect you and your rights.

Fighting Through Foreclosure

No matter where you are in your foreclosure now is the best time to reach out to an attorney for the legal assistance you need. Reach out to an attorney in Miami today.

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