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Why Would A Tenant Need An Attorney?

There is a multitude of disputes and situations that may arise for a landlord or tenant that may require litigation or negotiation. Each party has its own set of protections and rights. At the most basic level, tenants should feel comfortable and safe in the property they are renting.

If these basic expectations aren’t being met, then it is wise to hire an attorney to remediate the problem as soon as possible. Dealing with either of these situations feels overwhelming. Additionally, there is a relationship that is developed between the landlord and tenant, thus if one of the parties attempts to collect money directly from the other person, they may let feelings of anger dictate the process instead of following the law.

Either party may be facing some sort of difficulty, but each person still deserves what is contractually owed to them, whether it is the monthly rent payment, addressing potential hazards on the property, or returning the deposit upon moving out.

What claims are covered under landlord-tenant disputes?

  • Violation of lease provisions
  • Disruptive behavior on the property
  • Eviction proceedings
  • Failure to pay rent
  • Property damage
  • Security deposits
  • Disposal of abandoned personal property
  • Material noncompliance
  • Unlawful discriminatory rent increase

There isn’t any need to face landlord-tenant disputes on your own. The attorneys at Graham Legal can help overcome any of these issues and many others that may not have been listed, through litigation or negotiation. At the very least we will help you understand your rights during the free consultation. Call 305-985-6555 or send an email to schedule your consultation.