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We are attorneys highly skilled in litigating civil trials involving real estate, civil damages, consumer law, debt relief, divorce, estate or probate concerns, and personal injury. We are here for you if someone is coming after you for money or if you need to go after someone for money. Our distinction is having more than 40 years of combined experience resolving our clients’ legal problems in Florida’s courtrooms.

Practice Areas

Real Estate Law

Litigation involving easements, property disputes, contracts, evictions, and more. We represent homeowners’ associations, renters, and landlords.

Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure is no longer making the daily headlines but can still be a huge issue keeping you up at night. Speak with us about your circumstances.


Divorce, estate administration, probate disputes, consumer protection, deficiency judgements, and more. We will guide you every step of the way.

Personal Injury

Serious accident injuries frequently require costly medical treatment and time off work. We can help you seek justice and the compensation you need.

We Are Here To Stand Up For What Is Right

When you are uncertain about your rights or are wondering if you have a case that requires battling it out in court, we are here to provide a road map with your best interests in mind. In our four decades of civil litigation practice, we have found that many of our cases have been successfully resolved in front of a judge. Our solid reputation speaks clearly to opposing counsel. They know we take our cases seriously and litigate aggressively. Because of this, we are also known for effectively settling difficult disputes out of court, when settling out of court serves your well-being.

Will You Have To Go To Court?

The short answer is, of course, it depends. At Graham Legal, P.A., we do not want you to lose sleep over legal trouble. When questions arise about Florida real estate law, consumer-related lawsuits, accident injuries, foreclosure, probate, estate administration and other matters, contact us at any time of day. We give our clients our cellphone number because being accessible to our clients is a priority. No question is too small, especially when you have pending litigation on your mind.

From Our Offices In Coral Gables, We Serve Miami-Dade, Broward And Palm Beach Counties

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We Offer Insight And Intelligent Solutions Based On Four Decades Of Experience.