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Skilled Miami Area Attorneys Finding Solutions To Your Complex Contract Disputes

Contracts are generally straightforward, and it is understood that both signing parties will adhere to the provision detailed in the contract. Unfortunately, contracts aren’t always followed as they should be.

At Graham Legal, P.A., we are skilled and experienced in resolving contract disputes. Through our decades in practice, we have gained the practical knowledge to discern when a contractual dispute can be corrected through mediation or arbitration, and when litigation is required.

What Are Common Reasons For Contract Disputes?

Contract disputes can arise at any time, from initial negotiations through the life of the signed agreement. Some of the most common examples of disputes include:

Disagreements during drafting/signing: One party to the contract may have altered the terms between the time of the verbal agreement and the drafting of the written agreement.

Manipulative or misleading wording: One party may have included loopholes or deceptive language. At worst, this could constitute fraud. Even at best, however, unclear contract language greatly increase the risk of a dispute arising later on.

Unfair financial transaction: Both federal and Florida laws require that contracts be fundamentally fair to both parties. Unfortunately, individuals who sign a major contract without attorney representation may unwittingly be agreeing to pay far too much for a product or service or be paid far too little for providing a product or service.

Not getting paid (or paid fully) for a product or service that has been delivered according to the contract terms: After the product has been delivered or the service performed, the other party attempts to withhold payment or underpay, perhaps claiming to be unsatisfied with what was delivered.

Contract isn’t permitted by law: As mentioned above, contracts are governed by principles of fairness and by contract law. If provision in the contract are illegal, the agreement could be considered void and/or unenforceable.

Material breach of contract: Certain breaches of contract are “immaterial,” in that they violate the terms of the agreement in a way that doesn’t deprive either party of a reasonably expected benefit. By contrast, a material breach of contract violates the very purpose of the agreement. It is serious enough that the nonviolating party could abandon the contract in response.

Anticipatory breach of contract: If it becomes clear that the other party will fail to uphold its responsibilities, the nonviolating party can take legal action before the breach has occurred. These disputes can be especially complex, making it even more important to consult an experienced contract dispute lawyer.

Whether your contract dispute was discussed above or concerns another matter entirely, we urge you to contact our firm to discuss your issue and learn how we can help you find a resolution.

Resolving Your Contract Dispute Through Litigation

Our lawyers have the necessary tools to remedy a wide range of contract disputes, including disputes that may arise through business arrangements, breach of contract, a failure to adhere to a noncompete or nondisclosure agreement, and others.

Our firm will represent you as either the defendant or plaintiff in a contract dispute matter. We also strive to save you time, money and stress by seeking the most efficient resolution to your dispute. Statistically, most litigated civil conflicts are settled outside of court. Because of our firm’s track record and our reputation for effectiveness in the courtroom, the opposing parties are often willing to settle. If we fail to reach the the desired outcome through negotations, however, we will not hesitate to take your case to trial.

Whether the situation involves a complex business contract, employment contract, or many other types of contracts, our attorneys have the passion and know-how to attain the most favorable outcome available in your case.

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