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Stop Creditor Calls With Help From A Debt Defense Attorney

Are you being harassed by creditors? Many hardworking people in South Florida are facing financial hardship that makes it difficult to keep credit repayment on track. Financial hardship can be caused by many unforeseeable situations, including disability, loss of employment, divorce, a medical emergency, or a myriad of other situations. When good, hardworking people face a situation where they cannot meet minimum payments, they tend to feel guilty, as if it their fault. No one should let this guilt keep them up at night, and we are here to help at Graham Legal.

As a consumer, you have many protections, both under state and federal statutes. For example, creditors are restricted from taking certain actions, including calling you before or after certain hours, calling you at work if you have asked them to stop, as well as using profanity, claiming to be an attorney if not an attorney, or threatening you in various other ways. Many of the harassment measures taken by creditors are, in fact, illegal.

If you are receiving phone calls from creditors like the ones described above, schedule a free consultation to speak with one of the debt defense attorneys immediately. During the consultation we will review your situation and formulate an effective plan to manage your debt. We will discern whether the best path to debt relief is through bankruptcy or an alternative resolution.

How will hiring an attorney result in relief from creditor harassment?

Many of our clients attempt to face creditors themselves but are ultimately unsuccessful. Unfortunately, even though creditors are engaging in unethical and illegal behavior, they are not intimidated by consumers who are not represented by an attorney. Additionally, there is a complex and arduous process that must be followed in order to successfully stop creditors from harassing debtors. Without the assistance of an experienced debt defense attorney it is very easy for the consumer to miss vital steps.

Upon taking on your case, we will send correspondence demanding that the creditor cease all communication with the debtor, at which point everything will be routed through the attorney. This should immediately stop the harassment, but if it doesn’t, we will move forward using stronger methods. Simultaneously, we will begin the necessary process to contest or negotiate the debt.

With legal representation a negative situation with creditors can easily be controlled. If the situation is ignored, however, it can become much worse. Do not allow a court date to go by without taking action. If the creditor files suit and is granted a judgment, they can force a bank levy or garnish wages, leaving the debtor in a vulnerable position. At Graham Legal, we are here to represent the rights of the consumer and to help our clients get back on their feet. It is a chance that every person deserves.

For assistance with difficult creditors, contact Graham Legal by calling 305-985-6555 or send an email today.