Seeking Justice Together

Defending Your Tenant Rights Against Your Landlord

Settling a dispute with another party is not always a serious matter, but if you are facing a legal issue with your landlord, it can be a matter of keeping your home or not. When your wellbeing is at stake, it only makes sense to arm yourself with a committed lawyer.

At Graham Legal, P.A., we have helped Florida tenants fight to protect themselves in landlord-tenant disputes for more than 30 years. In the decades we have been representing clients, we have developed a long history of fiercely litigating on our clients’ behalf to help secure the best possible outcome in their disputes.

Examples Of Disputes

There is not a lot of common knowledge about what kind of disputes tenants can find themselves in with their landlords or how to resolve them to your benefit. Here are some of the most common disputes tenants may find themselves in:

  • Contract disagreements
  • Eviction
  • Eviction without cause
  • Discrimination
  • Failure to repair
  • Failing to pay rent

Eviction matters may be the most common reason that a tenant seeks an attorney. If a tenant withholds their rent for good reason, like because of a non-functioning service in their home, like heat or water, they may have a good defense in not paying.

We take the time to sit down with you and truly understand your unique situation. Once we recognize your needs, we craft a strategy for both litigation and negotiation to help protect your rights in your landlord-tenant dispute.

Do Not Risk The Outcome

As a tenant, you may not be aware of the disadvantage you could have in your dispute. Experienced landlords may be knowledgeable about their rights in your conflict, and they may also have their own attorney to represent them.

Arm yourself with a lawyer with more than three decades of experience in representing tenants’ needs throughout the state. Contact our Coral Gables office to schedule your initial consultation by calling 305-985-6555 or emailing me here today.