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On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Foreclosure Defense |

On July 1, 2020, Governor Ron DeSantis issued an extension to the Moratorium on evictions and foreclosures. A group of South Florida landlords is preparing to sue the state over the ongoing Moratorium that has placed a hold on evictions and foreclosures in Florida.

The property owners have been unable to collect delinquent rents since March and don’t foresee an end in sight. With COVID-19 continuing to impact the economy, it is unknown when evictions and foreclosures will be permitted once more.

While these trying times make it essential for the government to step in and provide aid, it is also necessary to be sensitive to the issues faced by small scale landlords.

Miami landlords are struggling with tenants using the pandemic as an excuse to avoid rent payment– in many cases pocketing rental assistance money received from the state.

For small scare landlords who rely on rental payments to make the mortgage, water, tax, insurance, and maintenance payment, this is proving to be a significant hardship. Currently, small landlords appear to be without options, unable to enforce the collection of delinquent rent and no ability to evict tenants and re-rent properties.

Current estimates suggest that in the next four months, 12 million people across the U.S. will be served with eviction notices as things return to normal. Many others, including landlords, will be faced with foreclosure notices if there is no federal assistance.

At the law offices of Graham Legal, P.A., we recognize the difficult times faced by all. While we get through the COVID-19 pandemic, we are happy to offer a no-obligation consultation to landlords on the brink of foreclosure and assistance, as well as, those who are unable to make rental payments and are worried about eviction once the Moratorium expires. Please contact our Miami foreclosure offices to schedule a consultation in-person, online, or via phone.