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Backseat passengers at risk

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Thoughts about car accidents may drift to concerns about the driver and front-seat passengers. Images of crash test dummies hitting an airbag at high speeds help drive such perceptions. Not everyone understands that backseat passengers could also suffer terrible injuries. Backseat passengers might be in more danger during a collision than many realize.

Backseat passengers face injury risks

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released a report that might shock persons who routinely sit in the back seats. The report reveals that the fronts seat might be far safer than the rear seats in a head-on collision. A cursory look at the average car’s safety setup shows why the IIHS report appears plausible.

The driver and front-seat passenger may have stronger seatbelt designs to rely upon since the design might help prevent hitting the steering wheel or dashboard. Front airbags could also reduce the potential injuries those in the front may suffer. Backseat passengers won’t likely have airbags available, and the seatbelts might not automatically tighten on impact.

Backseat dangers and safety precautions

A car accident at an intersection could result from one vehicle crashing directly into another vehicle’s side, creating a “T-bone” accident. A vehicle hitting a passenger door may cause horrific injuries, and intoxicated drivers may travel through red lights at high speeds. Backseat passengers might find themselves in such a horrible position.

Manufacturers may be hard at work at coming up with ways to improve safety for backseat passengers. Regardless, passengers might find buckling up helps the personal safety cause.

Vehicle collision injuries could leave the victims with significant medical expenses. An equally substantial insurance settlement might be necessary to alleviate some financial harm.