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Facts to help car and truck drivers avoid motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Motorcycles are a common sight on Florida roads. While drivers of cars and trucks will generally share the road with motorcyclists in a safe manner, accidents are still frequent. It is imperative for motorcyclists and drivers to be aware of the challenges they might face out on the road.

Critical points about sharing the road with motorcycles

Knowing certain facts about motorcycle safety might help prevent a crash. Blind spot accidents happen with motorcycles as drivers simply do not see them. Awareness can be vital, especially when making a lane change or turning. Seeing the motorcycle and gauging the distance and speed can be difficult; it is better to be safe than sorry, so drivers should assume the motorcycle is closer than it seems.

Drivers are trained to look for brake lights on vehicles ahead of them. With motorcycles, the rider might slow down without using the brake, and the brake lights will not activate. In addition, the turn signal on a motorcycle generally does not turn off after the turn as it does in a car or truck. If the rider forgets about it, there could be an assumption that the rider is turning when that is not the case.

Motorcyclists might seem to have quick reflexes and the ability to avert danger, but it is unwise to assume that they can deftly steer around road debris, potholes and obstacles. Focusing on safety and thinking about a motorcyclist’s well-being will often lead a driver to take safety more seriously and prevent motorcycle collisions that cause injuries and even fatalities.

Even with vigilance, motorcycle accidents can happen

Despite the above tips to enhance motorcyclists’ road safety, it is an unfortunate reality that these accidents will continue to occur. Since riders are limited in the amount of protection they have, they can suffer broken bones, brain trauma, spinal cord damage, lost limbs, internal injuries and more. Crash victims may want to file a personal injury claim to recoup the costs of medical treatment for their injuries.