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What to do if you get in a boating accident

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2021 | Personal Injury |

With easy access to water, boating is a popular activity in Florida. With the highest number of registered boats in the country, boating accidents are likely to happen.

High-speed crashes on the water can result in severe injuries due to negligence of boat operators, manufacturers or rental agencies.

Follow these steps after a boating accident

If you get in a crash or other incident on the water, it is crucial to take steps to protect your rights.

  • Check for injuries and address any immediate first-aid needs
  • Count the number of people on the vessel to ensure no one has fallen off the boat
  • Report the accident right away

Document any evidence

If you seek compensation for your injuries, your case will depend on your documentation of the accident. Take photos of the scene, including any bodily injuries, boat damages, the surrounding areas and water conditions. Gather witness statements detailing what happened and write down everything you remember about the collision.

Seek medical attention

It is essential to see a doctor directly after a crash. Medical professionals can examine your injuries to determine if they are superficial or more significant. Some injuries may be worse than you realize and require ongoing care. Keep all medical bills related to the incident as proof of damages and compensation amounts.

Know your rights

If another entity or person is responsible for your boating accident, you can take legal action against the negligent party. You can recover monetary recovery for any damages. Another boat operator, a manufacturer or a mechanic may have liability in your claim.

Boating accidents can result in injuries that require expensive medical care. It is vital to know how to pursue your case correctly to get the compensation you deserve.