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What struggles do older divorcees face?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2022 | Divorce |

After years of marriage, no one expects to split up. According to Today, divorce rates are low, but the divorce rate for the 55 and older crowd is higher. In your 50s and 60s, you have a stronger understanding of what you want out of life and you may not care strongly about what others think about your choices. Younger couples may become distracted by children and career stress.

Couples on the cusp of gray divorce do have unique struggles, however.

Financial turmoil

Even if you have financial stability, you may worry about your financial situation after the divorce. After 30 years of marriage, most of your property is marital property. In some cases, only one partner earned money, whereas the other took care of the home. Splitting the finances in these cases may feel overwhelming and complicated. Many people have an economic partnership as part of their marriage. You have to learn to handle your finances alone, rather than managing finances as a pair.

Social complications

Society tends to accept divorce more nowadays than it did in the past. However, you may still face some judgment from friends and family. Likewise, you may fear losing relationships that you and your spouse share. After building a life together, you share friends and family. Fortunately, when you have friendships spanning decades, you may have a better support system than younger divorcees. In cases of an amicable divorce, you may not have to lose your social group.

You do not have to spend your retirement years in an unhappy marriage, no matter the complications. Most couples who seek divorce find more happiness and peace apart.