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How can you prevent problems as an executor?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2022 | Estate Litigation |

Whenever someone chooses an executor, they expect this person to know how to handle disputes and end arguments during the probate process.

There are a few common issues that many executors run into while working with families and beneficiaries. Learning about how to combat them can help you settle the estate in a polite and efficient way.

Keep track of all money

According to Kiplinger, one of the biggest sources of disputes is the misuse of money or assets. Beneficiaries are usually very interested in how you are using or managing the cash of their deceased loved one.

Spending estate money in inappropriate ways can be a big source of tension. Talking openly about what you are using the estate money for and being careful about paying fees and other expenses is one way to prevent fights.

Focus on sensitivity

The time after a death can feel confusing and overwhelming to many people. You may notice an increase in heated disagreements or impatience among beneficiaries.

Staying calm and handling these conversations with a compassionate outlook can help you feel more in control. It may help to take a break or involve a third neutral party when discussions become too tough to handle by yourself.

Talk constantly

When beneficiaries do not hear from you for a long time, they may become anxious. Being regular about communicating through phone calls or texts can help you to keep them up to date with what is happening with the estate and reduce anxiety.

You can also help answer questions about the process or about inheritances and heirlooms that they may have.